# 2019 Plan

Intention of the year: take the next big leap forward on AET infrastructure of spaces, community and governance.

# Vision

# Phase I: Infrastructure and Community (2-3yrs)

  • Develop the base infrastructure and attract a community.
    • Physical infrastructure e.g. Spaces
    • Social infrastructure e.g. Community
    • Business infrastructure e.g. Datopian

# Phase II: Big Vision and Political Activism

  • Refine the big vision, condense and share it. This will include a plan for how to contribute to societal transformation, not just in our community but in broader society.
  • Engage in political activism, i.e. a concerted effort to engage the political discourse and action (continued bedding in on infrastructure). By this we don’t necessarily mean traditional politics, but we want our ideas to be taken into the mainstream.

Note these phases overlap and continue. Infrastructure and community work will continue on an ongoing basis.

# 2019 Focus Areas

# Primary focus areas

  • Building the physical infrastructure
    • Set up the basics for the physical infrastructure
      • Buy 20 person space in London in zone 1
      • Buy major base in France
      • Buy space in Berlin
      • Have Berlin Hub fully operational (4+ members)
      • A place in Oundle?
  • Building the business infrastructure
    • Continue with Datopian
    • Set up another business (investments and private equity)
  • Transition to a new governance model
    • Open a non-profit and develop a system for running it
      • Develop the narrative for raising money
    • Complete the official relationship between AET, Datopian and the future non-profit.

# Secondary focus areas

  • Start developing the big vision
    • Develop dense pieces of writing outlining the big vision
    • In 2-3y start condensing it down
    • Rufus and Sylvie create shorter written pieces & media
    • Host events
  • Set the foundations for going political
    • Develop the AET institute and find a director