# Bergerac Hub

# Timetable

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# Timetable Details

  • The other shared activities we participate in on Tuesday and Thursday mornings are often a walk in nature and a short yoga session, although we keep these slots open to other uses also.
  • A different person is responsible for both meals on any given weekday. This person will coordinate the morning food preparation to assist them. On weekends there is no cooking rota and we are responsible for our own food, although often people still make enough to share.
  • The morning cleaning sessions are coordinated jointly by the Cleaning Queen and Regenerator, depending on what the most pressing needs around the house are.

# Check-ins

  • We run two types of check-in session at the hub, one every Friday and one every other Sunday.
  • The Friday evening check-in is designed to cover the logistics of running the hub, such as who will fill what roles in the coming week and how we will adapt our practices to integrate any learnings from the week. We still, however, also leave space for emotional matters to be discussed if any hub members deems this necessary.
  • Every other Sunday we hold a longer meeting dedicated exclusively to emotional sharing, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to express themselves and avoid any issues remaining pent up. This is either conducted as a more typical sharing circle or through a method such as Beginning Anew, depending on what is felt to be appropriate.

# Roles

# Tenzo

  • Coordinates cooking schedule
  • Creates food shopping list
  • Ensures shopping trips are made

# Regenerator

  • Spots damage/repairs
  • Organises repairs
  • Coordinates shopping for repair-y stuff

# Emotional support fairy

  • Available for chats re wellbeing etc
  • Facilitates sharing session

# Cleaning queen

  • Directs cleaning sessions
  • Coordinates purchase of cleaning supplies

# Timekeeper

  • Rings gong for community events (start and in cases of cleaning, chopping 5mins before end)
  • Prepares dojo for mediation